Le Appassionate,是一位母親女兒三人組合,對上帝和古典音樂充滿熱情。 Le Appassionate 由 Anyi Liu(媽媽,鋼琴家),Danielle Liu(女兒,小提琴手)和 Sarah Liu(小女兒,小提琴家,鋼琴家,雙簧管演奏家和歌手)組成。無論我們是演奏獨奏,二重奏還是三重奏的古典音樂或當代基督教音樂,我們都希望您能為我們的音樂祝福!

Le Appassionate, is a mother-daughters trio of girls who are passionate about God and classical music. Le Appassionate is comprised of Anyi Liu (mom, pianist), Danielle Liu (daughter, violinist), and Sarah Liu (younger daughter, violinist, pianist, oboist, and vocalist). Whether we’re playing solos, duets, or trios of classical music or contemporary Christian music, we hope that you may be blessed by our music!

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